AIR HAMBURG Technik Team

As the range of services offered by AIR HAMBURG TECHNIK grows, so does the team working here in Baden Baden.

The key to our success lies in the cultural diversity of our make-up; Among the team are colleagues from Spain, Poland, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany. We now have over 20 permanent employees.

Every day, this melting pot of cultures creates exciting food for thought and offers creative input with new ideas and perspectives.

The specialist crew at AIR HAMBURG TECHNIK works seven days a week to get AIR HAMBURG's fleet flying as quickly as possible and with exceptionally high technical proficiency.

Quality, accuracy, flexibility and reliability are a key tenets that characterise the team of AIR HAMBURG Technik.


Jost Hofmann

Jost Hofmann

Managing Director
Phone: +49 40 70 70 889 - 400

42 years

Procurement defines the profit.
Daniel Hohlfeld

Daniel Hohlfeld

Accountable Manager
Phone: +49 40 70 70 889 - 400

44 years

Working for AIR HAMBURG, like aviation as a whole is a great challenge. It’s made even more worthwhile by the great people, experiences and destinations I encounter every day.

My simply personal moment

Virginie Gadenne

Planning Manager

"When I started at the company and I realised how welcome everybody made me feel, that was my SIMPLY PERSONAL moment. I love the open and friendly communication. It doesn’t matter whether you are speaking to your management, the company CEO or somebody from the technical team – everything is on first name terms and feels easy.

It’s a really warm and familiar environment to work in!"


Mein simply personal moment

Ingo Wiggering

Maintenance Manager

My Simply Personal Moment was an adhoc AOG mission in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Within hours we had worked as an entire team to develop a complex and highly tailored solution. Combining the organisational power of our Operations Centre in Hamburg, as well as two technical teams at AIR HAMBURG TECHNIK - we orchestrated a special mission.

Soon after the aircraft went AOG in Riyadh, a colleague had picked up the necessary spare part that was available in London, and flew to meet me in Munich. From there I flew to Vienna, where I boarded one of AIR HAMBURG's aircraft which ferried itself to Riyadh.
With tools in hand and the spare part in our possession I was able to complete the maintenance, undertake the numerous checks with assistance from the crew on site and within just a few hours of going AOG, the aircraft was fixed and ready to return to Europe.

With excellent team work, top professionalism and a collective drive to resolve the situation, the best qualities of the AIR HAMBURG team were on show to resolve an otherwise difficult situation.